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Masonry Contractors Northern Virginia

When you need a Masonry Contractor in Northern VA or Southern Maryland or DC area, contact Kelly Exteriors. For masonry work, including repairs for cracks in masonry, chimney repairs or replacement and masonry wall construction work you can count on the pros at Kelly Exterior.

Why chose masonry? Masonry offers a fire, weather, termite and rot resistant surface and structure. Your home values can increase and masonry offers both sound proof and energy efficiency while being environmentally friendly. Adding or repairing masonry can also increase your home’s equity. Masonry components are naturally made and both brick and stone are environmentally safer than man made materials.

Kelly Exteriors can offer you highly skilled masonry technicians with experience in all types of masonry construction. Whether you need masonry work on a heritage home, new masonry for a modern home or a custom masonry project you can count on Kelly Exteriors.


Brick and Stone Work in Northern VA

Kelly Exteriors can offer you expert repair and replacement masonry services for your brick and stone work. From historic home preservation to new construction repairs after storm damage, Kelly Exterior’s construction crew’s dedication to detail means that you will find the perfect replacement brick and stone materials to preserve your homes original look and feel.


Masonry Repairs in Northern VA

Kelly Exterior’s masons can repair your cracked masonry. Whether due to age, condition, climate or storm damage, masonry cracks can reduce your home’s value and energy efficiency. Repairing your cracked masonry will help you maintain your home properly and protect your foundation. You need to maintain your home’s structural integrity to protect from structural weaknesses, water damage and air permeation damage.  The pros at Kelly Exteriors will use a durable repair compound that blends with color and textures of your masonry to provide a permanent repair.

Chimney Replacement in Northern VA

When your chimney is damaged by weather, storms or age you will find that cracks or crumbling sections in the crown jeopardize your home’s integrity. When you have chimney crown water damage you need expert masonry repairs. Kelly Exteriors will repair or replace your chimney crowns with a new, concrete crown. This will provide superior protection against water penetration and more serious structural problems. A chimney left in disrepair can lead to a host of other problems and potential failure of the entire chimney. Repairs at the first sign of damage can prevent thermal expansion, cracking and catastrophic failures that can be exponentially more expensive to repair.

Porch Construction in Northern VA

When your porch masonry work is looking tired or cracked, consider repairing your walls, columns and porch. You can preserve existing features with minor repairs and reduce the probability of a full replacement being required. The weather can age your masonry and create cracks and damage. Keeping up with your home maintenance is the best investment in protecting your biggest asset. Kelly Exteriors skilled masons can repair cracks, replace brick and stone, tuck-point and re-point to protect your home. You can also create a fresh look with new masonry including retaining walls, columns or adding a new porch to generate new equity in your home and improve your curb appeal.

Parapet Walls Construction in Northern VA

If your home is a historic property you may have parapet walls as a crowning accent. Parapet walls are usually featured on top of historic masonry walls or flat roof structures. Due to the constant exposure to a variety of seasons and weather elements your parapet walls can deteriorate over time. This degradation can cause water damage in your home and to other masonry features. Water can leak into your living area, wash out masonry mortar from walls, contribute to brick spilling and corrode reinforcement rods. Kelly Exteriors can inspect your parapet walls to determine if you are at risk of parapet wall failure and provide a written estimate to repair or replace any damaged parapet walls. By investing in your home’s maintenance you can protect your family from water damage to your property and help to insure the longevity of your historic home.